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Make money in 3 Easy steps


Register to Consign


Collect, Prep, and Tag


Drop Off!

Simple as that!

Consignors Overview

Fort Bend Families that sell their items with us earn an average of $300 at our Event and YOU can too!

The details -

  •  Consignors earn 60% on their sold items
  •  Consignors who help at the event earn 65 - 70% on their sold items
  •     A  fee is taken out of your check, with no upfront costs to participate.
  •     There are NO LIMITS on the # of children's clothing items or other "stuff" that you can sell.
  •     Use your smartphone to tag. It's so easy!

Register to be a Consignor today and print the CONSIGNOR GUIDE here

Too busy to tag?  Try our Valet Service where we price and prep for you. See details below.

Register to Consign



Login to Add Shift

Be a part of our Sugar Land JBF Family and get rewarded! The online Helper schedule opens on December 27th.

Join other moms (and dads) who help at the sale in exchange for early shopping privileges, and earn a higher percentage on your sold items.

  •    Helpers who complete a total of 4-8 hours earn 65% on their sold items with a $10 Consignor Fee.
  •    Helpers who complete 12+hours earn 70% on their sold items with $0 Consignor Fee
  •     Each Helper receives a ticket to shop EARLY at Wednesday's Presale    
  •     PLUS each Helper receives a ticket for Friday Evening's Half-Price Presale!

Our crew helps with everything from event set up, inspection, organizing merchandise, running a register and breaking down the event.

Shifts are available in 4 or 6 hour increments. The more shifts you complete, the earlier you get to shop! The earlier you shop, the more merchandise and bargains to be had!


DROP OFF (before we open to the Public)

Item DROP OFF (before event)

Tuesday, February 25th | 9am - 7pm


1. Prep, price and organize your stuff at home (see details below) and bring to the Fairgrounds Bldg C.

2. Bring your signed Car Seat Checklist, and Crib Waiver (if applicable).  Fill out your Consignor Waiverahead of time here.

3. Unload your items through the doors at the back of Bldg C, park your car along the side of the building, and then place all of your items where they belong on the sales floor. (Inspection happens AFTER Drop off)

4. Watch your sales grow with our real-time updates. Money, money, MON-Ney!

Plan 30-90min for drop off depending on how many items you have. Slow times for drop off are between 1-4pm .



Saturday, February 29th | 7pm - 8pm

If you have any unsold items you will need to attend PICK UP to claim them. Items will be sorted by Consignor # for your convenience.

At 8:01pm remaining items are donated to our charity partner Helping Hands of Richmond/Rosenberg. Sorry, no exceptions!

*If you marked DONATE on ALL your items, those will be pulled and donated on your behalf and you do NOT need to come back to pick up.

Checks will be sent out via ECheck, they are emailed to the email address you use to register.   We enter the information with our check provider within 72 hours of the end of the sale.


Click to expand

Gather It ALL Up

Every room  has items that your kiddos are no longer wearing or using. It's time to gather everything and to declutter your home. 

Here's where to check:

  •     Attic or Storage
  •     Kid's Bedroom
  •     Under all the beds
  •     Mom's Closet
  •     Laundry Room 
  •     Linen Closet
  •     Bathroom
  •     Living Room
  •     Mud Room or Hall Closet
  •     Kitchen
  •     Playroom
  •     Garage
  •     Outside

Organize ALL Those Items FAST

Once you have a pile of things your kids are no longer using it's time to decide if you should KEEP, SELL or TOSS each item.

Place each item into one of three piles labeled - KEEP, SELL or TOSS

    KEEP - items that you aren't ready to part with yet. Maybe you're thinking about having another child or maybe the item is too sentimental.  That's ok, we all have those outfits or toys we aren't ready to let go of! Keep it.
    SELL - Items you want to sell
    TOSS - Items that don't meet JBF Standards.

When you're done set aside the KEEP tub and revisit it later. Take the TOSS tub to your local charity, repurpose the items or throw them away. The SELL tub is now ready to tag and prep. Click here for the Guidelines for that step.

Pricing So Shoppers BUY

Selling at JBF lets you be in control of the price of each item. You also decide if it goes half price on the last day of the sale. And if the item doesn't sell, you can either donate the item or pick it up.


Successful sellers at JBF practice "Shopper-focused Pricing". Ask yourself, "What price would make me buy this item and brag about it to a friend?"


Charge MORE for:

    New with Tags
    "Dressy" items
    Items in Original Packaging
    Large Items
    Popular Toys

Charge LESS for:

    Play Clothes
    Infant Items
    Maternity Clothing
    Junior Clothing

To sell more  we HIGHLY recommend that you set your items to reduce during our discount days.

Prep Those Items

When you are ready to create your tags, Log into your JBF Profile and click on the TAGGING icon on the top right corner of the page.


Select CREATE TAGS and then grab your first item and start. (Hot Tip:  Keep the items in order for easy Tag Attachment)


Select the Category > Choose the Size > Write a detailed description > Select the Price > Choose if you want it to REDUCE > Choose if you want it to DONATE > Write in the Quantity



Click here for the Guidelines for that step.

For DETAILED GUIDELINES on how to prepare and tag specific items please CLICK HERE

Are You Ready to Drop Off?

You are AWESOME, your stuff is prepped and tagged!

Phew your house is going to look so de-cluttered, all that is left to do is drop it off and watch your items sell from the comfort of your house!

To make Drop Off a breeze, watch this video on how to organize your items.

We listened to suggestions about how our tagging site is not how the floor is laid out, so we have a list of our floor designations to help you prep for Drop Off.

Also don't forget to fill out your consignor waiver ahead of time.

Dropping Off

Bring your tagged and prepped items to the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds Bldg C 4310 Hwy 36 S Rosenberg TX

It is as Easy as 1, 2,  3

  1.     Drive to the side of Building C for parking and unload your items directly into our sales floor. 
  2.     You are responsible for placing all of your items on the sales floor in their designated places. (There are  Signs in each area)
  3.     Helpers will be on hand to assist you so you'll know where everything goes.    

Plan between 30-60mins to Drop off your items.  Plan extra time if you have children with you.


Pre-Sale Schedule

Early Shopping at the Presale!  We LOVE our Sugar Land JBF Family and love to reward them with early access to the bargains!

(Tickets are required) Consignors & Helpers will be emailed tickets prior to the Presale.

Consignors and Team Members shop 1st!
Wednesday, February 26th | 1pm - 9pm

  1:00pm: 16-Hour Helpers
  1:30pm:   12-Hour Helpers
  2:00pm:   8-Hour Helpers
  2:30pm:   2-Hour Helpers
3:30pm:    Consignors & 1 Guest
4:00pm:  First Time Parents, Military, First Responder, Teacher Pre-Sale
8:30pm:  Doors Close
9:00pm:  Presale Ends

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to enter any time AFTER your designated time. If there is a line, you may "jump to the front" with your pass.

Due to time, safety and space constraints, we are unable to allow children under the age of 12.  The only exception is for nursing infants who can be "worn" on mom or dad. No car seat carriers or strollers, please.  (Kids and strollers are welcome on PUBLIC Sale Days)


Valet Tagging Program

Worried you just don't have the time to get all your items tagged for the sale but still want to cash in on your gently used items?  Consider our new Valet Tagging Program! No upfront cost.

The tagger would earn 25% and you would earn 40% and there is a $25 supply fee. We ask that you bring clothing free of stains, rips or tears and all toys must have working batteries.

For a more complete overview click here.

If you are interested please click here.



Consignor Paperwork

So you have collected, prepped and tagged all your items....YAY!  The next step is to have your paperwork ready when you come for drop off.  Below find the:

Consignor Waiver

Crib Waiver

Car seat, Booster, Car seat base Waiver

Printable Sale Schedule

Prep and Tagging Guidelines


Consignor Tips

Want to sell like a pro?  Our Consignors with the best sell through rate and the highest checks do the following:

  • They tag and prep only their best items
  • They price to sell, lower priced items that go half price are more likely to sell.  Shoppers are looking for a deal, and they check retail prices online.  If you are selling a shirt for $5, but they can get something similar for $4 and it is going halfprice, they will buy that item and might do it at full price in fear it will be gone by Half Price Day.
  • DON'T get bogged down by the pricing guide, and original retail!  Look at the item, what would YOU pay at a Consignment Sale?  That should be how you price.
  • When all your items are laid out and hung, enter your tags in order and keep the items in order.  Once all the tags are entered then print and attach, because it will go faster.
  • Once all your tags are on, group all the clothes by gender and size, rubber band them together to make drop off SUPER FAST.  Do the same with toys, infant toys in one box/bin/bag etc.  then you can simply place the items by the signed area of the sales floor.


Want to Earn More?


Email, Call or Text Us:

Jennifer Smith, 832.334.3819
Reagan Garcia, 281.687.7300

Email: sugarland@jbfsale.com

Interested in being your own boss and helping your community?  You could be the next Sugar Land JBF owner!  Contact us